Praise the Modern Courtesans

Modern life is complicated, which is why we modern humankind simplify it at every opportunity. Instead of cooking, we eat in restaurants; many people nowadays enjoy, rather than read, the news. And yet, when it pertains to coitus, most of us seem to prefer it complicated. A minimum of, that’s what our collective lifestyle choices would suggest. We devote a prodigious proportion of our time, cash and effort to the pursuit of amorous encounters.

Call me contrary, but provided the abject frustration strewn along the labyrinth path that might, but most likely will not, lead to ‘Kind-of Happily Ever After’, does not it make sense to instead sate one’s inherent requirement for companionship utilizing classy courtesans? Ladies who not only look sensational, however choose opera to reality TV, Perrier-Jouët to Cristal, Proustian reflection to whimsical self-help? An exquisite concubine, who’ll fulfil your every fantasy with such finesse that you’ll finally realise you’ve been lusting after hamburgers for several years when you could have been delighting in entrecète?The post modern courtesan

‘Genuine’ fans can be brutally costly. Cast your eyes over the section of your bank statement covering the duration of your last relationship. How much did it set you back? What did you spend on drinks, flowers, fine dining, presents and exotic holidays? A substantial quantity more than you ‘d meant, I ‘d imagine, and, presuming you’ve broken up, definitely that money might have been invested more carefully. Utilize an escort, and all expense is settled upon beforehand.

And really, the number of ‘severe’ relationships genuinely unfold in a spirit of utter honesty? I would argue that deceitful wiles almost always play their inevitable Machiavellian function. Male, in particular, are prone to declaring diverse enthusiasms and skills, and feigning a far higher association with curtains, wallpaper and monogamy than they in fact hold; our masquerade weaves the impression that the impending frantic exchange of bodily fluids has nothing to do with biological imperative, and is always the start of something magical. With a call girl, there is no requirement for such tiring duplicity. She gets her Christian Louboutins, and you get to fulfil your heart and loins’ desires. It’s the whole game of courtship distilled to its essence.

Some players will argue that if unclean lucre has changed hands, the excitement of the chase is lost. Really? Even the more effective participants in the amorous arts – let’s be truthful – do not always secure the girl they desire. With a tastefully chosen lady of the night, you get precisely what you prefer, both in terms of look and services rendered. There’s no requirement for subtle hints or begging when broaching the more rarefied worlds of sexual endeavour. Whatever has a price.